Wp App Studio 2.0.5 Overview

Wp App Studio 2.0.5 release brings exciting features for plugin owners who wish to provide free and premium versions of their plugins and create interfaces more integrated with themes in terms of color combinations.

Wp App Studio 2.0.5 release - Operations button Wp App Studio 2.0.5 release - Additional display options wpappstudio bootstrap form theme with fontawesome wpappstudio bootstrap form theme wpappstudio jqueryui sunnyform theme

Some of our customers requested to have an option to remove the operations screen and filters and columns block in entity list pages. Operations screen ,now accessed by a button in the list page, is used to execute import, export, and reset data operations for your entities. Operations screen previously was under entity menu as a link. This created confusion and mixed up with the taxonomies in the same menu.

Filters and columns block, which is located entity list pages, offers a quick but effective way to search and sort data. This feature may be applicable to more advanced or premium apps so we decided to provide an option to remove this feature.

Another exciting feature for plugin owners is the introduction of themeable jQuery UI components. This feature, mostly asked by our agency customers, provided an effective option to integrate app screens with WordPress themes. Using this feature, if you decided to go with jQuery UI frontend, you can pick your theme from App Settings and all form components will match the jQuery UI theme’s color combinations. All of 24 jQuery UI themes are available. As always, if decide to change the color of a component, there is a frontend css file created that you can modify.

WPAS 2.0.5 also adds a themeable jQuery UI button to the button list. This button can used independent of you jQuery UI. In other words, you can choose Bootstrap as your theme frontend, set one of the themes for your backend, and select jQuery UI button as your submit button type.

To minimize wpas plugins’ footprint, we also removed unused libraries from the generated code. This reduced plugin sizes about %60 in some cases.

We encourage you to check out the demos and let us know what you think.